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Nil Battey Sannata 2015 Movie Download In Hindi




 . . The film was released on 16 October 2015 to positive reviews. Plot After a failed suicide attempt in the past due to her illness she is brought to a hospital where she falls in love with one of the doctors played by Ratna Pathak Shah. The director gives the doctor a nice role in the movie and asks her to fall in love with him. The doctor agrees to it after knowing that she is in a mental state due to her illness. At this point of time the director plans to make Apeksha look like a famous actress and make the doctor fall in love with her. She soon starts to perform well in the movies and her fame grows fast. The doctor also gets all her clothes and accessories made by the best tailor in the city. Soon Apeksha starts dominating all the movies she is in. While working with the doctor, she gets to know about his past and how he is treated by his mother. He then promises to help Apeksha as he is the only person she trusts. She becomes obsessed about him after realising that he can change his attitude. The doctor gets caught in a deal where he gives an important role to a big name actor, who is one of his rivals. Apeksha overhears him giving the role and decides to get the role from him for her. He ultimately rejects her and, once again, Apeksha uses her charm and good looks to make him fall in love with her. The doctor finds out and after this, he leaves the city as he does not want to be a part of Apeksha's world. Apeksha also starts to have feelings for the director, who was the one who first created her as an actress. He tells her that she cannot have two lovers at the same time and that she needs to choose one. But she realises that she can't do it and she decides to get married with the doctor. The doctor has already made arrangements for the marriage, but he decides to go back to his hometown and ask his mother about Apeksha. He finds out about Apeksha's mental condition and about how her friends have been treating her. He then visits her and helps her. This leaves Apeksha in a state of shock. He finally decides to leave the city, but before that he tells Apeksha that he has made arrangements for her husband to take care of her and that he has made a person




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Nil Battey Sannata 2015 Movie Download In Hindi

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